Fieldway’s Dream Catcher,JH (Lacey)
Sire: FC AFC Fieldway’s Sandhills Kilroy
Dam: Fieldways Keeley
Whelped: March 3,1999

VZ-7498G35F-PI,PennHIP 50th mild DJD R hip

Deceased December 2009


Lacey was given to us as a gift by a very good friend and mentor, John Frayne of Fieldway Vizslas.  She became Chet’s best buddy and follows him everywhere.  She is a natural retriever, a natural backer and a stylish pointer.  She loves hunting and swimming.  Her love of retrieving has given her the name of “The Ball Dog” at the Field Trials we attend.  She works the crowd, always fining someone new to throw the ball.  She has her Junior Hunter and one qualification towards her Senior Hunter. She is probably one of the most intelligent vizslas we have ever owned.



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FC  AFC Fieldway’s Sandhills Kilroy



 AFC Fieldways Arlor Sams Ransom

Ar-Lor Randy’s Sam
Randy Beth
Rebel Rouser Best Bet Rebel Rouser Bandieto,HOF
Rebel Rouser B Nuts


 Fieldways Keeley

Fieldways Sandhills JJ AFC Fieldways Arlor Sams Ransom
Rebel Rouser Best Bet
Maraff’s Rowdy  Ruby CH. Masha’s BB Red Baron
Rebel Rouser Best Bet